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Shatika Parker

It was important for me to start off #BFLaunchWeek , with a blog explaining the concept of this brand and what I really mean by being Broke and FAB. The "Live, Life, FAB...Affordably" series will be an ongoing advice blog on how to shop without breaking the bank. I also plan to include tips on thing like grocery shopping, fitness, home decor and more!

Shopping for Clothes and Accessories 

As a woman who LOVES to shop, I know how easy it can be for us to spend our last $100 on that shoe we've been eyeing for weeks. Or how easy it is to say , I'll pay this bill next week or I'll save a little less this week, just to be able to buy a new outfit or get our hair and nails done. Whether we want to admit it or not, it happens! However, it really shouldn't. We should not put ourselves in debt to look nice. We shouldn't be buying hundreds of dollars worth of clothing to keep up with the Kardashians/Jones's. We just shouldn't.  The fact is shopping is very similar to what they say about eating. We shop when we're happy, we shop when we're sad and we shop when we're bored. Now I'm not saying we shouldn't buy anything at all. We work hard and every now and then you should treat yourself. I'm simply saying you should be smart about the way you shop, when you do. With a little knowledge, a little patience and a little money, you can look just as bomb as the celebrity you admire, sometimes better. It's not what you wear , it's how you wear it. Over the next few days, I'll outline a few ways to save, save, save on the latest trends and vintage styles. It can be done, I promise. Lets start with, 


 If you're reading this blog or even intrigued by the term "broke and fab" then I'm sure you've heard of this. What you may not know is the different ways "thrifting" can work for you and how you can stop yourself from spending $500 on a gown, you'll only wear once.  

I love to thrift shop. Some of my favorites include 2nd Time Around (when I want to be fancy but don't want to pay the normal price), Cross Roads, and the good ole' Goodwill of course. These are just a few but there are PLENTY of others out there. Some people have a stigma about wearing old clothes but you would be surprised at the good quality finds thrift stores carry and of course, you should always wash or dry clean anything you buy from a thrift store before wearing. Anywho, for those ready to take the leap, here's a few ways to get the most out of thrift shopping. 

Closet full of clothes with nothing to wear? Trade some in! 

Many thrift stores acquire clothing by donation or buying peoples used clothing. Often times, stores like Plato's Closet or Cross Roads will buy unwanted clothing from customers. They usually choose what they will buy from you based off trends and seasons. These are some of the best places to shop for on trend clothing (not the only places, a full list of thrift stores will be provided below.) This is a major way to save on buying items that are "in" while spending very little to no money on them. Do you have a bunch of clothes in your closet but nothing to wear? Trade them in! These stores will allow you to trade in unwanted clothes for either store credit or cash (yes, CASH). Cash trades are usually lower value then store credit, so I would suggest the latter. 

Sales are everywhere, even thrift stores! 

If you love thrifting like I do, then you may already know this. But for you newbies, yes, thrift stores have sales too! Some, have it in the form of sale days, where Mondays may be 50% off. but most have it just like your favorite retail store, the sale section! As retail stores rotate clothes based on season, so do thrift stores. They are always trying to get rid of things. So find that sale section and (with the money from your trade in) shop till you drop! 

Is it a special occasion? Are you only going to wear that dress once? Rent it! 

In addition to shopping at thrift stores, looking into renting an item can be a great way to wear that expensive Vera Wang gown without spending hundreds of dollars on it. Stores like Rent The Runway are perfect for these type of occasions. Now I will admit, while this may be a good idea for some, it is not a great idea for all. The clumsy (like myself) may want to think twice before wearing something you don't own. I would say, be cautious of the occasion and throughout the night, remember, you have to return the gown! Just like tux or wedding dress rentals, be careful not do any major damage. Never the less, you can wear a gown worth thousands of dollars for a fraction of the price. How cool is that?


So those are a few tips for thrifting the right way, to make the most out of your dollars in the thrift store. Trade in those clothes, find those sale sections or sale days and rent that expensive gown if you're feeling fancy! You can spend little to no money and have a brand new outfit.I hope this has helped you in some way. Check out the list of thrift stores (with links) below. Many of these stores are chains and can be found in different cities around the country.


As always, stay FAB!

Oh, and happy thrifting! 

 Thrift Stores:

2nd Time Around 


Good Will

Salvation Army

Buffalo Exchange

Platos Closet

Online Thrift Stores and Consignment Shops:

Web Thrift Store 

The Attic

Nifty Thrifty

Clothing Rental:

Rent The Runway

Lending Luxury  

Girl Meets Dress

Have Others? Please leave them in a comment below, so I can check it out/update the list! 

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